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Pastry Course – Macarons



Online Live Pastry Course Sunday 14Th MAY +  replay available for life for all registrants.

  • Learn how to bake macarons with 2 French Experts: Patrice Hadmar (Les Patriceries) and Pauline Morel (Pastry Chef Instructor at The French Pâtissier).
  • Macarons do not have to remain a mystery for you: Pauline and Patrice will reveal all their secrets and answer all your questions with their well-known pedagogy.
  • Understand why sometimes macarons do not come out of the oven as expected and find out all the tips to reach perfection.
  • Learn step-by-step how to bake the iconic macarons from home, without any professional equipment but still worthy of the best luxury pastry shops.
Learn step-by-step how to bake amazing macarons worthy of the best luxury pastry shops.
Live course accessible at any level, even beginners, + replay available for life for all the registrants


Register to the only online live pastry course that really answers all your questions.


  • Learn from home how to bake macarons worthy of the best luxury pasty shops. Find out the tips of both our experts and pastry instructors, Patrice and Pauline to achieve a wonderful result from home without any professional equipment.
  • Understand the differences between macarons made with French Meringue and those prepared with Italian Meringue and master all the steps to obtain an amazing result. You’ll see, it’s not that hard when you are given the right tips and techniques.
  • Create beautiful macarons, in different looks: Classic, Crown-shaped, XXL to share… Use what you learn to create your very own macarons, with flavours and colours of your choice.
  • Share these exceptional delicacies with your loved ones. Treat your family and your customers with macarons worthy of the most beautiful shops, and become their pastry hero.



✅ The super-complete recipes booklet

Discover the detailed booklet including the needed small equipment list, the ingredients, the baking process, and many tips.

✅ The HD replay of the pastry course available for life

Enjoy a long-life accessible replay for you to watch and rewatch key moments of the recipe, and bake from home at your own pace.

✅ The access to the private Facebook group “Le Club – par TFP”

A friendly private Facebook group where you will be able to share your work, ask your questions, and get answers and advice from me or the group.

✅ Helpful advice and professional tips to obtain a wonderful result from home

Benefit from all my expertise as a professional pastry chef. I always have a trick or two up my sleeve for you.

✅ Way more than just a basic pastry course, a true pastry experience in 5 dimensions:

Discover this pastry moment in 5D: Gourmandise, Pleasure, Fun, High-Quality, and Sharing.


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